When it comes to creating beautiful flower arrangements for your wedding, you can't go wrong with gardenias, calla lilies, and other favorites. Lilies have a trumpet-like shape and work well in long-stemmed bouquets.

Orchids are an excellent choice for personal arrangements, and dendrobium orchids are one of the most popular types. Lilacs, which are also known as andromeda, are another popular choice. Both have black centers and resemble hydrangeas.

Floral wall

If you are planning a wedding, floral wall arrangements are a great way to add an extra touch. Floral walls can be customized to fit your specific wedding theme. You can choose tropical flowers, greenery, or even all roses to create an exquisite display.

If your wedding is on a more modern, sophisticated level, a green-and-white theme will work well. For extra sculptural detail, try succulents. You can also incorporate a wedding logo or brand colors in your floral wall arrangements.

Tropical flowers are perfect for a summer or spring wedding. They set the mood of a vibrant celebration. They make beautiful wedding walls and are suitable for any venue. The tropical flowers are also perfect for weddings that take place in hot climates.

These flowers can be used to create a beautiful flower wall at a summer or spring wedding. If you don't want to go for tropical flowers, you can choose other seasonal blooms that complement the colors of the wedding theme.

Fresh blooms make a dramatic impact, and a white wall will make the colors pop. Vines, leaves, and other foliage can add architectural flair to the wall.

Decorative paper flowers are also a popular option for creating a flower wall, and they can have the same delicacy as real ones. You can also make them as a conversation piece. Just make sure that they aren't all white or completely covered in blooms.


Boutonnieres for weddings are a unique way to make a man's day special. Usually, a single flower or bud is used as a decoration on the lapel of a suit or tuxedo jacket.

Here are some tips for choosing the right boutonnière. Read on to learn more! And remember to have a few spare flowers on hand. You may be surprised at how much they can change your day!

You can purchase wedding boutonnieres from the same place you bought the bridal flowers. This will give you the chance to shop for the flower combination you want at a discounted price.

In most cases, the boutonniere costs. However, some varieties of orchids may cost as much. Another disadvantage of orchid boutonnieres is that they are difficult to ship, and are often damaged during shipping. So, if you are thinking of buying boutonnieres for your wedding, do so in the summer when temperatures are warmer.

For fall weddings, you can choose a boutonniere that contains autumnal elements, such as acorns, eucalyptus leaves, and privet berries. Try tying the boutonniere with a peach-colored silk ribbon. These pastel shades are perfect against a blue suit. For a romantic wedding, you can also try a boutonniere made of a single white orchid.

Calla lilies

For a romantic and elegant look for your wedding decor, calla lilies are a perfect choice. These beautiful flowers can be used for bouquets, centerpieces, flower crowns, corsages, and even wedding cake decorations.

They are easy to care for and will last for several days. To make the most of this gorgeous flower, you can create your own DIY arrangements using a variety of different flower types.

Since calla lilies come in many colors, you can use them in a number of different floral arrangements. A gorgeous bouquet of calla lilies will look stunning at a spring wedding. Calla lilies are available year-round and will look lovely when mixed with other flowers. A florist will be able to give you ideas and show you a wide range of colors, styles, and varieties.

To create a stunning calla lily flower arrangement, you must know how to care for them. Because calla lilies are mostly water, they should be kept in water only about two inches deep, with a few inches of water and flower food. Sugar and lemon juice are great substitutes for flower food. Just make sure that you don't submerge the stems completely as this can cause them to split. If this happens, make sure to apply clear nail polish to the stem ends.


When choosing gardenias as your flower of choice for your wedding, be sure to choose the right size for the occasion. These small blooms will provide you with an all-day fragrance.

You can display them on a wire in an arrangement with assorted greenery or a dark green leaf. For your ladies, you can add sheer bows for additional elegance. Gardenias also make great body flowers. Depending on the size of your gardenias, you can choose to display them on a small bud ring.

Gardenias are also great for decorating your wedding cake. They are a classic choice, with their white heads and layered petals, and wide-open blossom.

They are also a wonderful choice for bridesmaids' hair, and you can even use them on the top of a multi-tiered cake. As a bonus, gardenias look great in bridal bouquets as well. And, if you can't decide which colors to choose, you can always switch them out if you get tired of them.

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If you're planning to use hydrangeas for your wedding flower arrangements, you need to make sure you know what to do to preserve them. While hydrangeas do wilt when placed in water, once removed from the water they will begin to revive within an hour.

This is important because hydrangeas have a short vase life, so make sure you use water to rehydrate them as soon as possible. If you're worried about their short life span, they must be kept in a cool environment to maintain their color.

Because of their big, robust bloom, hydrangeas make excellent centerpieces. They can be placed on pedestals, in large containers, or grouped together in pretty bunches. You can also choose to include hydrangeas in mason jars and other containers.

They're sure to add some wow-factor to your arrangement. You can use these beautiful flowers in many different settings, from your centerpieces to your reception tablescape.

Depending on the size of the flowers you're using, hydrangeas can be as small as three inches in diameter. They have rounded petals and form a cluster of round flowers. Colors range from lilac to bold violet, and they're also suitable for a wedding. Some hydrangeas are white with yellow undertones, while others are spray-tinted a different color.

Hydrangeas with hydrangeas

If you're looking to make your floral arrangements extra special, consider using hydrangeas in floral foam. You can easily create wedding flower arrangements with these versatile blooms, but you'll want to prepare them properly before the big day.

Before cutting hydrangea stems, cut them in an arrow shape. Some people recommend using a floral preservative, such as powdered alum. You should experiment with your wedding flower arrangement to see which way they look best.

Choosing the right hydrangeas for your wedding is a challenge, as many varieties are very delicate. For your wedding, pick the best variety that is well-behaved.

The color and texture of the flowers are exquisite. The stems should be trimmed at the bottom and watered frequently. Keeping in mind the color and texture of the hydrangeas will help them last longer.

A white wedding hydrangea's center should be elevated above the ground, but not to the level of the leaves. This will help the water drain away from the stems and leaves.

Watering the plant frequently is necessary, especially in the first year, as it tends to dry out more quickly in a pot. Also, do not crowd the flower pot with too many stems. If you find that the stems of the hydrangeas are crowded together, they may be a sign of a fungus.

Gardenias with hydrangeas

If you're planning a classic garden party, gardenias and hydrangeas will create a gorgeous arrangement. The red rose is a traditional choice, but hydrangeas come in a range of colors and sizes that are perfect for any wedding theme.

Both hydrangeas and gardenias are beautiful and fragrant, and they can match almost any color scheme. The gardenia's lilac color is especially stunning and makes for a romantic wedding floral arrangement. Gardenias and hydrangeas are also inexpensive and will look stunning all year round.

While gardenias are beautiful flowers, they're also incredibly delicate and should be handled carefully. You can purchase a single gardenia bloom, or fill a bouquet with them all.

Keep in mind that gardenias tend to be very expensive, but can be replaced easily once they begin to turn brown. Gardenias also make stunning centerpieces, but don't be fooled by their price tag. You can expect to pay a stem, depending on the type of gardenia.

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