Taking transcription services is the need of the hour particularly when you are not an expert in it. These services are provided by professional companies and it is an expensive skill to set. Transcription is an important part of your case, especially the transcription of audio and it is easier to outsource these services as there are many companies offering transcription services.

If you are looking for transcription services for your case, we as a company have the best tools and expert personnel for this job. Transcription is for not only for court cases but also an essential part of every organization, as they have to store or manage all the audio, and video files in proper documents. Research organizations, law firms, medical practices, and many more, all professions need an expert transcriber to perform complex tasks as it enables the companies to save time and money as well.

Although the basic transcription tasks can be performed by administrative or secretory but for complex court cases, a professional transcriber is a way to proceed. Well, prepare files or documents are made from the audio and videos of court hearings, witness interviews, legal conferences, interrogations, depositions, and other meetings that are provided to the lawyer, which makes the case study much easier and transparent.

We have the best legal transcription services that made your documents presentable and effective in a court as evidence that highly influence the overall result of the case. Transcripts provide many benefits in court cases once established as authentic and accurate. These are used as evidence and admissible, what was said on the recordings? There are other advantages as well that are written below which allows you to take decision easily about hiring a transcriber.               


The content or information in the speech or audio is presented in legal transcripts in a way that is understandable and easy. Legal transcripts provide more clarity and information about the audio or video recordings when presented as evidence in court. Verbatim transcripts are prepared by skilled lawyers, which are found more precise documents for the case and improve the other aspects of the case as well.

The legal transcriber provides coherence in the documents and prepared all the features of the case step by step. Overall handling a complex case becomes much easier for the lawyer with proper documentation of the events, accurate transcripts, and testimonies. Transcript with coherence is used as a helping hand especially when you have antagonist police reports and several witnesses.

There are two main concerns in which transcription plays a vital role, one is recording in foreign languages and the other is traditional accent in the speech. In this situation, proper transcription enables the jury to understand the case easily especially if they are unfamiliar with the accent or language. Transcriptions also remove the disturbance in the recording or other voices in the background and make it clear to the jury what was said. Sometimes multiple voices make it difficult for the jury to distinguish all the aspects and here transcription was found essential. 

Save Time 

Proper transcription of audio or video speeds up the process of video editing and plays an important role in the overall workflow. A well-written transcription saves the time of editors as they do not have to go through with a complete video, a particular section can be marked and revised in editing. Continuously watching and editing kills the productivity of the work, with transcription you have the advantage of increasing productivity and saving time.

At Caldepo, we assigned the project to a specialist and make sure the timely delivery of the final document with the proper format and style that is required or specified by you. It takes an hour for an expert to convert the 15-minute-long recording into a well-written form or even more if you are not specialized in transcription. Disturbing sounds, background voices, and traditional accents take extra time to make correct transcription with 100% accuracy.

We as a company can complete your project within 24 hours. We have a team of experts that can turn the worst audio into accurate documents and provides you with the best transcription service in all possible ways. Giving, the responsibility of transcription to your assistant to save the cost might cost you the case, as you need an experienced person for this task. Giving the project to a reputed company can save your time and decrease the cost as they provide the document with minimum errors and deliver it on time.          

Save Money

Outsourcing transcription to a well-known company is more affordable than hiring a full-time in-house employee for transcription tasks. Simply paying for the service can save you money rather than providing equipment, training, and other benefits to the full-time employee. We can transcribe the 5-minute interview in just 20 minutes and you only pay for the service which can save time as well as money.

You just need to pay whenever you required the services and you can get your project done in as less as 20 minutes without any hurdles. Paying the experienced transcriber on a project basis can save a lot of money for any organization. You can get accurate work in less time by outsourcing the project rather than having an in-house job. Full-time transcribers also cost the amount of software and data storage platform that might be out of budget for you. If your project is stuck or has a low budget, reach us right now, we can provide you with accurate transcription at the best price.        

Secure Data

Security of the data is the main concern for many companies that hesitate to give the project to any third party or company. There might be a large investment of time and resources on the project and the leakage of the information can cause heavy to the company. There are strict laws on secure data and we obey them accordingly. We ensure end-to-end encryption of data as we know the information is important for the lawyer to understand the facts accurately and appeal according to that.

The transcript is provided in such a secure manner that the lawyer can highlight the particular statements of the witnesses and prepare the questions on it. We have the best court reporters as well that made interpretation of the confidential information in the best way. Data privacy is our utmost policy and we do not compromise on it. Feel yourself while giving the transcription project to our company as your data is in safe hands.